Lace Lesson: Lace in History Part 2

Lace Lesson: Lace in History Part 2

To the Revolution! 

The textile industry was one of the first to transform during the Industrial Revolution (1760–1870), becoming completely mechanized by 1830. Starting in Lyon, France with the Jacquard system (1801) then in England with the bobbinet loom (1804), John Leavers perfected his Leavers loom in 1834, establishing Leavers lace. 

The Leavers loom combines Bobbinet tulle loom technology with the Jacquard system, and some of these looms from the Industrial Revolution are still used today. Although much of the craft of lace creation has been mechanized, the expertise is still passed down from generation to generation, including both machine and hand techniques. 

Solstiss operates more than 100 Leavers looms, representing about 40% of the looms in the world. 

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