FW 23-24

Pink hand-painted floral lace  Black floral Chantilly laces, black leopard print lace  Pink/bronze metallic lace with burgundy velvet polka-dots  Pink Chantilly lace, pink floral lace with blue metallic threads, beige floral lace  Nude Chantilly lace with black floral appliques  Gold French Leavers lace with dark silicone  Pink lace, yellow lace, purple lace, blue lace, white lace  Orange and gold lace with silver threads  Black floral trims  Light brown Chantilly lace with flame appliques
This new season is full of delicate surprises, Solstiss unveils new bold patterns and surprising techniques and materials such as paint and silicone. The subtle combination of colors reveal bold and bright shades as well as autumnal nuances: dark purple, burgundy, petrol blue… Winter will be festive and colorful at Solstiss, combining gold, silver or copper threads with beads, sequins and feathers. A touch of velvet plumetis mingles with tweed prints. A wind of lightness blows on the collection with delicate flowery laces, filled with petals and colored metallic threads. 

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