Current fashion & our fabulous French lace fans

Celebrities wearing designers outfit in Solstiss lace

"Solstiss, my consistent "go to" for over twenty-five years" — Janice, Janice Martin Couture

"Solstiss laces are simply Art"  Mika, Mika Inatome Custom Bridal

Bridal brands designs using Solstiss lace

"You will find no finer laces in the world" — Marie, Headpiece

"Solstiss is the embodiment of French classic traditional lace making that exudes class, sophistication and refinement" — Aria, Baracci Couture

Celebrities wearing Solstiss lace from designers"Nothing surpasses their quality and the uniqueness of their fabrics" — Antoniette, Antoniette Catenacci Haute Couture

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